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One Strong Voice ... of the disability community
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Quality is demonstrated when people with disabilities are able to easily access all services and supports[1]. Quality services and supports are delivered by qualified[2] and well trained[3] people that express an understanding of the needs of the person being served. Assuring people are qualified and well trained includes they receive a living wage[4]Quality is recognized when all services and supports meet or exceed the person centered plan for each individual.  Quality service delivery is when services are delivered in a mutually respectful[5] manner that includes regular communication[6] and reflects the person centered plan[7].


Value Message

Quality is more than words. It is demonstrated by the actions of qualified and well trained people who can express an understanding of the needs of the person they serve.


Ask Message

Join us in reminding the systems that serve persons with disabilities that quality service delivery isn’t an option, it is a right.


Barrier Message

Quality service delivery doesn’t cost more money, it just takes mutual respect.


Vision Message

Quality service delivery is demonstrated when services are delivered in a mutually respectful manner that includes regular communication and reflects the person centered plan.

[1]Supports and services are any human, technology or product which assists individuals with disabilities to perform activities of daily living, basic or instrumental, to function independently in their home and in the community.

[2]Qualified is having the skills and attributes which are defined to meet the individual’s needs and includes cultural, understanding and embracing the uniqueness of the individual. 

[3]A well trained direct care provider has the skills and ability to listen, problem solve, and support the individual to achieve his or her person centered goals. 

[4]Living wage meets the self-sufficiency standards refer to the amount of money it takes to live in a specific community.

[5]Mutual Respect is reflected in a relationship between a person with disabilities and other individual’s that mirrors proper acceptance and/or courtesy among both parties.  It includes recognition that a person with disability, at a minimum, is both an equal partner in decision making and end-user of any and all services.  Further it implies that having a disability is not an excuse to deliberately act offensively.

[6]Effective communication is multi-directional and is defined as imparting or exchanging information in such a way that the listener can understand the message well enough to act on the information and demonstrate what the listener understood

[7] A Person Centered plan approach focuses on the preferences, strengths, capacities, needs and desired outcomes or goals expressed by the person.   Any planning process, regardless of the person’s choice of service delivery must be an interactive process that supports and enhances the individual’s stated preferences. Any discussion related to an individual or event supporting an individual must focus on the Person-Centered approach and should utilize the values of Self-Determination.