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All people want and deserve Choice ... As they personally define it.

  • Individual choice recognizes that people have opinions and a right to make decisions.
  • Individual choice does not intentionally intrude on another’s personal space. 
  • Individual choice represents true participant direction[1].
  • Choice is an implicit human right.


Value Message

Choice is individual, respectful of others, and an implied human right for all citizens.


Ask Message

Got ChoiceChoice without options is not real choice.  Currently, Colorado has limited service delivery options[2] that impact all PWD.   Join us in asking Colorado for a full spectrum[3] of Long Term Services and Supports that includes full participant directed choice and control over all services.


Barrier Message

When PWD have choice and control over services and the dollars spent, it doesn’t cost more in the long-term.  Studies indicate that reduced expenses in acute care make choice cost neutral[4]

Vision Message

Real choice with true options builds stronger communities and enhances all lives. Let’s use real choice as a building block to improve our future support systems.



[1]Participant direction encourages people with disabilities to assess their own needs and making choices about what services would best meet those needs. It makes a statement that consumers can and should have options:

  • to choose the personnel or provider entities that deliver their services,
  • manage the how, when, and where of delivery of services, and
  • monitor the quality of services
  • the authority over the budget for their services

Choice is guaranteed including the choice not to direct and to direct to the extent desired. 

[2] The Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) is Colorado’s only participant directed opportunity.  It is limited to participants in select Medicaid waivers and does not include all services in those waivers.

[3]Spectrum represents a choice of available service delivery options from agency managed services and supports up to and including participant directed choice and control over all services. .  All aspects of service delivery and all stakeholders must respect every person’s capacity, recognize each individual’s competency AND acknowledge unique communication styles (behavior communicates choice).  (Unique Communication: The distinct ways people have of expressing their thoughts or feelings that are individual often because of their disability.)

[4] Cost Neutral: the cost for a new program or practice does or does not cost more in total than if no changes were made.  For example, providing home and community based services is cost neutral because even though additional Medicaid benefits are provided, it is less costly than paying for a nursing facility bed for every client that needs assistance with activities of daily living.  

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